Business relationships in the Grandes Écoles


ParisTech works continuously with business, which is a natural ally that it shares the same requirements with:

  • competitiveness

  • innovation

  • creation of added value


Common goals

Business partners and Grandes Écoles work towards their common goals: 

  • to generate new impetus

  • to promote innovative methods 

  • to ensure the transfer of technology 

  • to train experts and high-potential managers 

  • to contribute to the development of society 


From this convergence, rich and diversified partnerships emerge in the fields of teaching, research, entrepreneurship and innovation. 


ParisTech at the service of business 

Rooted in the reality of a changing business world, the ParisTech Grandes Écoles are constantly incorporating specific features from the corporate world into their activities: 

  • promoting training based on actual cases carried out by players in industry and the services 

  • responding to our partners' problems through co-operative or collaborative research driven by the lecturer-researchers of the Grandes Écoles

  • supporting industrial or economic changes

  • training company managers and executives, whether from partner companies or not, to enable them to benefit from better tools to prosper in their respective fields

  • increasing the corporate visibility through cross-functional activities with students, researchers, and lecturer-researchers 

  • providing the best talents to meet business problems 

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