Our network of Grandes Écoles


ParisTech groups together 10 of the most prestigious French Grandes Écoles:


The complementary nature of the areas of excellence of the Grandes Écoles in our network provides students, researchers, and all partners (institutional and business) with an outstanding pool which allows for a unique transdisciplinarity.

The wide diversity of ties made with companies and the specificity of the Grandes Écoles in their respective fields of expertise enable the entire economic sphere to be reached. 


Sensitive to changes in their environment, each Grande École has made and sustained solid links with important partners in the business world.  

The company is a key player in the life of the Grandes Écoles and is present in the decision-making and teaching bodies. The Grande École is a strategic partner and draws on its strengths in research and innovation that it contributes to and promotes. A link in the same chain, Grande École and company are constantly interacting.



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