The incubators

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Mastering business creation: a value chain entirely covered by ParisTech 

The ParisTech Grandes Écoles covers the entire Entrepreneurship sector. They offer support tailored to a wide variety of project leaders.



The entrepreneurship network of ParisTech

To support futur business companies and their makers, the ParisTech Grandes Écoles developped a wide range of incubators:


The presence of some of our Grandes Écoles at the Paris-Saclay cluster makes it possible for them to take part in Pôle entrepreneuriat étudiant Paris Saclay (PEEPS) (Paris-Saclay Student Entrepreneurial Cluster). 


Entrepreneurship in numbers 

The Grandes Écoles have supported a significant number of innovative companies through their various incubators and schemes. 

A majority of companies emerging from these incubators have used forms of innovation and intellectual property protection (patents, drawings and models, lodging computer programmes, etc.)  

More than 80% of these companies reach the milestone of the first five years of existence, or will either have been bought or merged with another group. 


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