Junior Enterprises


The Junior Enterprises (JE) are student organisations. Their activity is dedicated to solving strategic problems for the benefit of companies or communities.

The JEs carry out paid and professional quality studies in the fields of expertise of the Grande École where the students are studying.

The ParisTech Junior Enterprises

Each ParisTech Grande École has a Junior Enterprise. Through their networks, some of them have local branches distributed throughout France. 

The JEs in our network carry out studies which reflect the teaching methods and courses provided by the Grande École where the students are studying. 

They help to reinforce the students' training and to promote their employability.  


Our federation: Juniors ParisTech

Juniors ParisTech brings together each one of the Junior-Enterprises of the member Grandes Écoles to ensure maximum visibility. It helps develop the variety and complementary nature of the range of courses in the larger engineering and management Grandes Écoles in France.   

Juniors ParisTech encourages the exchange of good practices between organisations. It also guarantees the quality of the services offered, in the same way as the Confédération nationale des Juniors Entreprises (National Confederation of Junior Enterprises) which it is affiliated to.

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