The Institute of Sustainable Mobility with Renault


In 2009, Renault, the Fondation Renault and ParisTech decided to join forces to conduct joint research on the future of passenger transport by creating the Institute of sustainable mobility (IMD). 


The specific goals

The collaboration between Renault engineers, the ParisTech lecturer-researchers and students aims to: 

  • promote research in the design of innovative mobility systems, especially based on electric vehicles 

  • train managers and top scientists, whose skills and numbers will help meet the needs of industry in the transport sector and the scientific and technological challenges involved in the long-term development of sustainable transport systems


In 2013, the IMD continued its outreach strategy to extend its area of co-operation to new research subjects and with new partners, French or international. 


Four working areas

The Institute of Sustainable Mobility leads research and training programmes based around 4 areas, involving 8 ParisTech Grandes Écoles and 10 research laboratories:

  • Electric mobility system: understanding the interactions between the mass circulation of electric vehicles and communities, as well as the infrastructure requirements 

  • Business model: to specify the business models which will ensure solid and sustainable development of the electrical sector 

  • A world view: to study the international conditions for the changeover from the current system of car transport to the electric vehicle 

  • Battery technologies: to help improve this rapidly changing technology


Associated training 

In order to address the issue in its entirety, the IMD has regular exchange with: 

  • the institut VeDeCom

  • the Company Vehicle Observatory (supported by BNP Paribas and Arval)

  • companies, including: Grupo, Antolin or umicore

  • the teams involved in the Prospective Modelling and Social Business chairs

  • the Nantes Materials Institute 

  • the Observatory of Emerging Countries 

  • the University of Berkeley (California) 

  • Supélec engineering Grande École


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