Thematical business clubs


ParisTech contributes to industrial revitalisation projects launched by the government. The member Grandes Écoles meet society's challenges through their multi-disciplinary expertise.


A commitment in terms of industrial revitalisation  

Four areas have been identified to participate in this revitalisation: 

  • big data

  • medical devices and healthcare facilities

  • renewable energy 

  • recycling and green materials


Thematical business clubs

ParisTech wanted to implement a new impetus from 2015 focused on the business clubs, particularly around: 


These business club are positioned as an interface between the academic world and that of business. They support the development of training (industry or master's). The aim is threefold: 

  • to bring companies together around a joint thematic led by the ParisTech Grandes Écoles and their partners. 

  • to bring students, lecturers, and researchers from industry closer to its issues (research and exploration) and to recruit its future talents 

  • to obtain additional funding for training, students and lecturers (international influence, diversity, etc.) 


Advantages for the companies 

For a company, becoming a member of a club:  

  • ensures its visibility in the community involved (students, lecturer-researchers, partners) and to develop its contacts there 

  • it participates in dedicated events (seminars, ad-hoc events, etc.). 

  • it interacts with the R&D ecosystem with the aim of developing thesis work and visiting partner laboratories  

  • it identifies opportunities for setting up projects involving other companies in the club 

  • it is able to offer projects to students 

  • it establishes a prize for the best projects in order to promote the idea generation 

  • it has access to the community's CV Book

  • it is involved in the development and influence of training 

  • it practises active monitoring upstream through exchanges, stakeholders and projects


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