The multi-institutional chairs


The ties established with the partner companies of the ParisTech Grandes Écoles made it possible to create organisations supporting education by participating in its funding: the chairs (single institution or multi-institutional).

ParisTech supports the Grandes Écoles and the companies in the implementation of the multi-institutional chairs focusing on multi-disciplinary and prospective areas. 

Features of the multi-institutional chairs 

  • a synergy of skills for the benefit of cross-functional thematics

  • an ambitious vision: an international dimension, resources and extensive objectives

  • a double Research and Education component 

  • strong governance and transparent management responsibilities through a steering committee which accredits the chair 

  • increasing interaction in schools 

  • enhancement of the business partner(s) and the Grandes Écoles 

ParisTech's role 

  • helping to set up the chair: preparing documents, collaborating with partners, co-ordinating and seeking funding 

  • participating in running the chair: governance and communication 

  • managing and allocating funds (via Fondation ParisTech) 


The chair: success factor for business  

  • Technology transfer 

In a chair, the company is a stakeholder in the production of knowledge. It takes advantage of progress made and the modelling tools developed. The questioning and research results infuse impetus and innovative approaches, which feeds its development policy in real-time. 

  • High-level expertise

A chair results in the training of highly-qualified experts, who are able to respond to the specific business needs. Collaborative work between engineers, scientists, and lecturer-researchers with different backgrounds, enriches and promotes awareness of a detailed understanding of the world of research to that of business. 

Experienced in facing and reconciling viewpoints and different expectations, these experts make their skills, experience, and knowledge available to the company in line with its challenges. 

  • Increased competitiveness 

The research-teaching combination creates a substantial competitive advantage for the company. It is reflected in terms of innovation, productivity gains and licences. It leads to a differentiated market strategy being imposed on the company as a major player, recognised for its ability for innovation. 

  • Promotion of the company’s commitment to major social issues 

The business partner becomes a reference, dealing with a subject which has social impact. Its commitment earns it the opportunity to participate in public debate and drive it. 

The company's approach is constantly highlighted through publications, papers, and scientific or media interventions. The company receives the guarantee of a valued brand name. 

  • Promotion of the company with students and ParisTech partners 

The company is closely associated with the life of the Grandes Écoles. It appears as a preferred, committed and innovative partner. Its involvement opens up the doors to tailor-made support and gives it privileged access to students, alumni and ParisTech partners. 

  • Recognition as an international benchmark

The aim of a chair is to ensure co-operation and promotion of research worldwide. Through this partnership, the company multiplies its opportunities to expand its international image. It stands out as an international key player in the field of expertise. 

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