The Institut Villebon-Georges Charpak


Building on its commitment to promote social access and equal opportunities, ParisTech took the initiative in collaboration with Université Paris Descartes, Université Paris-Sud, the FCS Paris-Saclay campus, and Fondation ParisTech, to create the Institut Villebon-Georges Charpak.

An institute which reveals the scientific talents of the future 

The institute welcomed its first intake of students in September 2013 made up of:

  • 70 % of scholarship students

  • 45 % of girls 

  • 30 % of technology graduates


Social access, innovative teaching (project-based teaching) and inter-disciplinarity are the keys to the success of this institute which aims to make the best of French higher education available to young people from less privileged backgrounds.  

A unique alliance between higher education institutions and business 

The socio-economic players have a dominant role in the development of innovative teaching in the Institut. The joint work of the six corporate sponsors - Areva, Orange, Microsoft, Société Générale, SNCF and Solucom – and the managers of the Institut, enables students to receive appropriate and transferable multi-disciplinary knowledge for the business world.  

The partner companies have a significant place in the daily life of the Institut Villebon-Georges Charpak

  • They participate in student recruitment 

  • They are involved in the student/business exchange framework 

  • They offer their staff the opportunity to become a student sponsor in order to support them in the implementing their career plan 


Partners testimonies

"I am convinced that co-operation between the higher education institutions and business is a driving force for faster and easier integration of youngsters into the workforce. "

Gaëtan Milin, Employment and Mobility Director - Areva 

"The Institut is involved in making difference a strength, by enabling everybody to fully express their potential. "

Sandrine Dhellemmes, Inclusion and Disability Mission Manager – Société Générale 

"Through a new approach to teaching, combining educational innovation and co-operation with the world of business, the Institut is a great incubator for revealing new potential."  

Laure Michel, Recruitment and Grandes Écoles Relationship Manager  – Solucom



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