Fondation ParisTech


A foundation dedicated to Higher Education and Research 

Created by the decree published in the Official Bulletin of the French Republic on 10 April 2010, Fondation ParisTech helps to develop higher education and scientific and technological research at both French and European level. It is a state-approved foundation and was created at the initiative of ParisTech with large industrial groups which are all long-standing partners. 

The Fondation ParisTech aims to: 

  • promote the development of innovative courses, particularly of an international nature, and to promote the attractiveness of French higher education institutions with students and high-level lecturers

  • promote collaborative, multi-disciplinary research that meets society's challenges and contributes to the technological developments of tomorrow

  • encourage diversification of talents by supporting, in particular, diversity policies 

  • increase the influence and resources of higher education and research at both French and European levels


An umbrella foundation for the development of the knowledge economy

Fondation ParisTech is a state-approved institution and an umbrella foundation (management of property or funds on behalf of others). This status was conferred on it at its creation, which is a rare feature in higher education and research foundations.  

It puts its expertise at the service of the founding members (individuals or legal entities) willing to work for higher education and research. It supports them in setting up a specific and individualised framework for action. 

The creation of foundations under its aegis allows Fondation ParisTech to bring together players who wish to contribute to the development and influence of the knowledge economy. 

Two foundations share the values held by Fondation ParisTech:  

  • the Fondation Maurice Allais, in existence  since 2011

  • the Fondation AgroParisTech, in existence since 2012


A foundation which works for the sponsor 

The sponsor helps support projects and initiatives which focus on the values of those who support them.

A company which makes a donation to an organisation to support a project of general interest may receive a tax reduction. Companies subject to income or corporation tax may receive a tax reduction equal to 60% of the donation within a ceiling of 5% of the annual turnover (Art.238 a of the C.G.I. [General Tax Code]).


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